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At the end of September, Peruvian President Vizcarra dissolved Congress after they had challenged all anti-corruption measures Vizcarra tried to push through. Congress responded by temporarily suspending President Vizcarra, a move deemed null and void by government officials, and gave power to Vice President Mercedes Aráoz, who resigned from her job. Protesters in Peru have taken to the streets in order to protest the political upheaval in the country. Many of the protesters were encouraged by the anti-corruption platform of Vizcarra and are upset by his suspension. However, the biggest demand the protesters currently have is there is no leadership in the country with the President suspended and Congress disbanded. Protests have remained largely peaceful with police presence only there to monitor and keep the peace. The country has not suffered any economic blowbacks from the political unrest and Peruvians are beginning to look forward to the possibility that the year-long stalemate in legislation is coming to an end.

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