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London, England

Anti-Brexit protests have become more frequent in recent weeks, as the October 31 deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union looms. Anti-Brexit campaigners, aided by the British opposition, have been holding rallies across England demonstrating their dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and his plan to lead the U.K. out of the European Union. During a rally outside of Parliament in London, Labour Party MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle called Brexit evil, and promised that good would prevail. Protestors accused pro-Brexit individuals of supporting racism and fascism through anti-migrant policies, and blasted members of the political establishment for not doing enough to defend British democracy. The largest demonstration yet has been scheduled for October 19, and 170 busses have been hired to transport anti-Brexit protestors to London. The demonstration has been named “Final Say” and is advocating for another referendum to determine if the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.  A few of the protests have been marred by pro-Brexit counter-protests, and the two groups had to be separated by police. Security forces cordoned off areas where pro-Brexit demonstrators stood, and released a statement saying containment was used as a tactic to maintain the peace. Another Labour MP, Anna Soubry, was due to speak at one rally, but said she was too intimidated to give her speech due to the presence of the pro-Brexit crowds.

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