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Reports and Analysis

Here are summary reports on relevant panel discussions and other analytic pieces.

Panel Report: The Air Force of the Future

By Chloe McFall     The Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted a panel about the Air Force of ...
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Africa, China, and the Debt Trap Dilemma

By Emraan Ansari   As China emerged from its economic isolationism in the early 1990’s, Beijing targeted Africa as a ...
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A Familiar Face Returns to Argentina’s Presidential Palace in the Midst of Another Economic Downturn

By Emraan Ansari     Incumbent President Mauricio Macri was defeated in Argentina’s election earlier this month, with veteran political ...
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Panel Report – Demolishing Faith: The Destruction of Uyghur Mosques

By Chloe McFall   The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) hosted a panel discussion on the destruction and desecration of ...
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