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Reports and Analysis

Here are summary reports on relevant panel discussions and other analytic pieces.

2020 Outlook: Domestic and Foreign Affairs Topics to Watch

As we move into 2020, the National Interest Foundation (NIF) delves into some of the domestic and foreign affairs issues ...
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Trump Ratings Remain Low Around the Globe, While Views of U.S. Stay Mostly Favorable

By Richard Wike, Jacob Poushter, Janell Fetterolf, and Shannon Schumacher, Pew Research Center As has been the case throughout his ...
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Does the U.S. Actually Care About Human Rights in the Middle East?

By Dale Sprusansky, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs Victims of human rights abuses perpetrated by Middle Eastern governments, along ...
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Conservative Party Enjoys a Landslide Victory in U.K. General Election

By Emraan Ansari The United Kingdom’s Conservative Party won a resounding victory in the country’s general election on Thursday, December ...
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