NIF holds frequent events including luncheons, monthly roundtables, and conferences in Washington and around the world featuring American and international officials, diplomats, and experts in various fields.

NIF Event Summary – “How the UAE-Russian Alliance Threatens the U.S.?”

Recently, on Monday, November 14th, the National Interest Foundation had the honor of hosting Dr. Matthew Hedges for a private ...
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A Look Back at One of Our Events on the Yemen War with Jamal Khashoggi

  An NIF Event - Yemen: The Forgotten War The Expert Round Table Speakers: Sama'a al-Hamdani, Consultant at the Atlantic ...
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Event: The Deal of the Century and Israeli Democracy: How Palestinian citizens of Israel are the key to peace in the Middle East

A luncheon discussion with Jafar Farah, Israeli Human Rights Activist and Founder of the Mossawa Center The National Interest Foundation ...
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VIP Event: Yemen: A Brutal & Bloody War: US Involvements, & Options

Discussion with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson VIP EVENT: BY Invitation & Selected RSVP's Only The Yemen war has ...
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